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Charlotte Gorley, PhD, CEC

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Charlotte Gorley Charlotte is committed to the ongoing growth and development of people and organizations through applied learning and experience using common-sense and logistical approaches.

Charlotte earned an Executive Coaching certificate from Royal Roads University and has completed training in conflict resolution from the Justice Institute of BC. She is qualified to use assessment tools and interpret the results, giving her strategic capabilities as well as the ability to design and implement action plans and achieve positive results for her clients. She holds a Master of Arts in Leadership and Training degree and applies those concepts and principles daily. Charlotte also earned a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems and has experience doing qualitative research.

Charlotte's career has provided many opportunities in diverse settings and locations, in which a constant thread of contributing and assisting someone's learning or development is obvious. Her approach has always been one of servant leadership and relating to others' successes.

Charlotte specializes in working with people who are struggling to achieve their potential, people who are going through a transition in their life or workplace, and assisting organizations to develop their future leaders. Charlotte's experience in these areas provides a rich background for further assisting in the development of people and organizations.

You can email Charlotte at this link.

Read Charlotte's PhD dissertation Adaptive Capacity as a Proactive Approach.
Listen to Charlotte's narrated presentation on Adaptive Capacity as a Proactive Approach.

Other publications:

Benefits and Barriers: Case Study of a Government Technology-Mediated Group Mentoring Program
Harris, B., Cheng, K. F., & Gorley, C. (2015). Benefits and barriers. Journal of Workplace Learning, 27(3), 193-206. doi:10.1108/JWL-07-2014-0053

Exploring Distributed Leadership in the BC Sepsis Network
Gorley, C., Lindstrom, R. R., McKeown, S., Krause, C., Pamplin, C., Sweet, D., Marsden, J., Kennedy, C. (2016). Exploring distributed leadership in the BC sepsis network. Healthcare Management Forum 29(2), 63.

Partnerships for Health System Improvement (PHSI) Leadership and Health System Redesign: Cross-Case Analysis Final Report

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