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Why? Because Your Research Matters

Knowledge translation is about taking your research findings and packaging them so that others can quickly understand their significance and apply the findings to solve real-world problems. A good knowledge translation (KT) plan can get your research findings into the hands, hearts, and minds of those who can give it a life beyond your research project.

Why should you have a solid KT plan?
  • because your research matters!
  • to not only add to the knowledge pool, but to add value to the pool
  • so that others beyond the academic community can learn, use, and benefit
  • many research funders are now requiring a KT plan in the proposal
  • to raise awareness and promote action to solve more real-world problems
  • to raise the profile of your university and your sponsor
  • to open new opportunties for you
  • to make a difference!

Your research can sit on a shelf, or it can be disseminated so it can make a difference in the world.

I can help you plan and action your KT plan by working with you to:
  • formulate clear KT goals and objectives
  • identify your audience(s)
  • shape your main message
  • determine the most appropriate means and media to share your findings
  • identify resources
  • develop and evaluation took to measure your KT effectiveness

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