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Some of Our Recent Integrated Natural Resource Management Project Highlights

Yukon Forest Resources Act:
Working with the Yukon Government to develop regulations and policies needed to effectively implement a new Forest Resources Act to be introduced to the legislature in the fall of 2008.

National Forest Pest Strategy:
Assisting Natural Resources Canada and various provincial / territorial jurisdictions to establish agreements for implementation of a national strategy to combat forest pests.

Omineca Beetle Action Coalition:
Act as a senior policy advisor to the community-based organization established to find solutions to the impacts of BC's Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic on the regional economy.

Association of BC Forest Professionals:
Undertook a review of the forestry - oil & gas industry interactions in northeast BC and prepared a discussion paper outlining the profession's interests, concerns and recommendations.

Government of Saskatchewan:
On behalf of the Premier's Forestry Secretariat, undertook a review of the forest resource management functions currently carried out by the government and provided advice on changes necessary to better deal with current and emerging issues in the forest sector.

Federal Funding Request - MPB Emergency Response:
Working with the province's Emergency Response Team and the First Nations Leadership Team's working group, prepared a joint submission for federal MPB funding to specify how $1 billion will be invested over 10 years.

Facilitated strategic planning on behalf of the McGregor Model Forest and the Timber-Range Integrated Management Committee, a joint forestry/range user group in northeast BC.

Professional Reliance Task Force:
Facilitated meetings, managed project, addressed issues and drafted documents for four professional associations and four government departments working to define and implement the 'professional reliance' model for quality assurance in forest management.

Integrated Land Management Bureau:
Between November 2005 and March 2006 worked with the Bureau to: a) develop guidelines for implementation of the Land Use Objectives Regulation, b) develop a draft project charter for reviewing land-use planning systems in BC, and c) facilitate a senior manager's meeting and follow-up Annual Business Plan.

Provincial Action Plan - Bark Beetle Epidemic Mitigation:
Working with the Provincial Bark Beetle Coordinator and the Council of Forest Industries, Triangle Resources Inc. was responsible for assembling a high-level five year action plan for the province's response to the mountain pine beetle epidemic. The plan contains a series of strategies and actions that will be used by government ministries in the development of service plans, and will provide information and guidance to others.

Ministry of Forests - Beetle Epidemic Funding Models:
Researched and assessed a variety of possible funding delivery models for bark beetle epidemic mitigation and identify key attributes, best practices and advice for government when considering various options.

Ministry of Forests - Bark Beetle Management Organization Options:
Developed and documented options, including the advantages and disadvantages of various organizational approaches to cross-government coordination of the Province's response to the bark beetle epidemic.

Forest and Range Agreement Negotiations:
Triangle Resources Inc. was retained by the Ministry of Forests to negotiate Forest and Range Agreements with several Indian bands affected by the transfer of ownership of the Douglas Lake Ranch.

BC Coalition for Implementation of the National Forest Strategy:
Under contract to the McGregor Model Forest Association, assessed the level of interest and options for establishment of a 'forum' to promote sustainable forest management in BC. Produced reports and recommendations, including Board presentations. Convened and facilitated interviews, workshops and meetings to establish the Coalition. Provided secretariat services to the Coalition and representation with the National Forest Coalition.

BC Timber Sales - Alternate Delivery Model Consultations:
Contracted by BC Timber Sales executive to carry out confidential consultations with senior industry representatives on potential models for delivery of business requirements. A report and draft briefing note was prepared to document the results of the consultations and provide general observations to assist decision making.

Small Scale Salvage Application Process:
On behalf of the Ministry of Forests, Resource Tenures and Engineering Branch, developed a provincial policy and procedures for a 'professional reliance' application approach. Reviewed existing policies, pilot projects and work with a focus group to recommend a new approach.

Science Community Environmental Knowledge Fund:
On behalf of the Oil and Gas Commission and the industry associations, reviewed the governance model and business processes for this $9 million fund and made recommendations.

Pipeline Application Process Review:
On behalf of the Oil and Gas Commission, working with a team of staff, industry and consultants, designed a new process for pipeline applications and support implementation. Recommended additional changes to the pipeline regulatory process, and to business processes in general for the commission.

IRM Business Group:
As a sub-contractor with ERA Consulting and the McGregor Model Forest Association, facilitated meetings of a multi-sector group (government, mineral/energy/tourism/forest industries and education) working to advance integrated resource management in central and northern BC.

Forest Management Institute of BC:
Working with the Board and staff, identified potential supporters, assessed feasibility of continued operation, developed marketing materials, provided advice on options.

Professional Reliance (FRPA) Training:
Triangle Resources Inc. was retained by the four resource professional associations (Forestry, Engineering and Geoscience, Biology and Agrology) to fulfil a contract with the Ministry of Forests to produce a Professional Reliance Module for the Forest and Range Practices Act training program. Work involved facilitating input sessions, designing and writing the module, including multiple drafts to accommodate various perspectives and the role of technologists. Triangle Resources Inc. prepared audio-visual material and taped the 30 minute lecture.

Provincial Bark Beetle Strategy:
Triangle Resources Inc. was retained by the Industry Emergency Bark Beetle Task Force to develop standardized performance measures and reporting protocols for bark beetle management. This project involved interviews, workshops and meetings with industry and government staff, development of options and recommendations. An implementation plan was developed in consultation with the 'Beetle Boss' and regional managers. Triangle Resources Inc. then facilitated and did the writing for a collaborative process between the Ministry of Forests and Industry (with input from the federal government) to develop a Bark Beetle Management Strategy for BC.

Forest Policy and Legislation:
For the Ministry of Forests and the Council of Forest Industries, conducted a review of the impact of market pricing initiatives (CP Symmetry) on company flexibility, costs and stewardship.

IRM Conference:
Triangle Resources Inc. led a team on behalf of the McGregor Model Forest Association and its partners to plan, organize and implement a conference on integrated resource management. The conference included 'global' and 'technical - scientific' content and was multi-sector in nature.

Scientific Forum on Caribou:
Triangle Resources Inc. was asked by the Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management and the University of Northern BC to facilitate a scientific workshop on the impact and management options for Mountain Caribou in the bark beetle infested area of the Entiako Protected Area. On completion, Triangle Resources Inc. prepared a non-technical report.

Canadian Forest Products:
Facilitated woodlands staff workshops to review and comment on the discussion paper for a results-based forest practices code.

Slocan Forest Products:
Various projects, including assisting woodlands staff to respond to the discussion paper for a results-based forest practices code, develop options for dealing with beetle killed wood at the Plateau Division and provide advice on shut-down obligations for two sawmills.

Riverside Forest Products:
Various projects related to procuring beetle infested timber, developing contacts with First Nations communities and negotiating silviculture deposits.

Oil and Gas Conference:
Triangle Resources Inc. was retained by the City of Fort St. John to facilitate and MC the 2003 Oil and Gas Conference.

Central Coast LRMP:
Triangle Resources Inc. was retained by MSRM to help facilitate the final stages of the CCLRMP completion table, including working group negotiations on ecosystem-based management.

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