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Some of Our Recent Organizational Development Project Highlights

Omineca Beetle Action Coalition:
Act as a senior policy advisor to the community-based organization established to find solutions to the impacts of BC's Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic on the regional economy.

Lakeland College:
Work with the executive and senior management group to develop an action plan to implement the college's new strategic direction.

FORREX Forest Research Extension Partnership:
Organized and facilitated a workshop of forestry education clients and providers to identify the key needs and opportunities for improving continuing education for forestry practitioners in BC.

Canadian Council of Forest Ministers (CCFM):
At the request of the BC Ministry of Forests and Range, acting on behalf of the CCFM, prepared a draft strategic plan to guide activities of the CCFM and its various committees over the next 5 years.

College of New Caledonia:
Worked with the executive group and senior managers to plan and conduct workshops oriented toward strengthening internal teamwork and setting clear operational goals.

Facilitated strategic planning on behalf of the McGregor Model Forest and the Timber-Range Integrated Management Committee, a joint forestry/range user group in northeast BC.

Government of Saskatchewan:
On behalf of the Premier's Forestry Secretariat, undertook a review of the forest resource management functions currently carried out by the government and provided advice on changes necessary to better deal with current and emerging issues in the forest sector.

Professional Reliance Task Force:
Facilitated meetings, managed project, addressed issues and drafted documents for four professional associations and four government departments working to define and implement the professional reliance model for quality assurance in forest management.

Canadian Model Forest Network:
Provided project management, Chair and leadership services to 11 model forests, the Canadian Forest Service and International Model Forest Secretariat participants to establish a formal, independent entity for model forests in Canada.

Northern Development Initiative Trust:
Worked with the Board and senior staff to develop a strategic plan and investment policies. Facilitated a Board workshop to incorporate regional advisory committee input and finalize direction.

MSRM Resource Management Division - Organizational Performance:
Carried out and analyzed a survey of staff, conducted workshops to identify division objectives and performance measures, prepared a draft Workplan for performance improvement and provided a detailed report to the division executive. This project included team development with the MSRM personnel.

Oil and Gas Commission - Communications and First Nations Support:
Triangle Resources Incorporated was retained to develop a communications framework to assist the Oil and Gas Commission to effectively manage changes in business processes. A key aspect of this project has been the development of a draft First Nations consultation policy.

ABCFP Voluntary Certification Task Force:
On behalf of a task force comprised of association, industry and government members, provided project management, research, workshop facilitation and writing services to develop recommendations for the ABCFP Council.

BC Coalition for Implementation of the National Forest Strategy:
Under contract to the McGregor Model Forest Association, assessed the level of interest and options for establishment of a 'forum' to promote sustainable forest management in BC. Produced reports and recommendations, including Board presentations. Convened and facilitated interviews, workshops and meetings to establish the Coalition. Provided secretariat services to the Coalition and representation with the National Forest Coalition.

Science Community Environmental Knowledge Fund:
On behalf of the Oil and Gas Commission and the industry associations, reviewed the governance model and business processes for this $9 million fund and made recommendations.

Pipeline Application Process Review:
On behalf of the Oil and Gas Commission, working with a team of staff, industry and consultants, designed a new process for pipeline applications and support implementation. Recommended additional changes to the pipeline regulatory process, and to business processes in general for the commission.

IRM Business Group:
As a sub-contractor with ERA Consulting and the McGregor Model Forest Association, facilitated meetings of a multi-sector group (government, mineral/energy/tourism/forest industries and education) working to advance integrated resource management in central and northern BC.

Resolution of Conflicting Tenures:
Working with and on behalf of a group of government agencies, to carry out an assessment of tenure related conflicts in northeast BC, produced reports and recommendations, convened and facilitated internal (government) work shops and meetings and stakeholder workshops. Prepared communications materials and presentations, provided organizational and policy advice, and provided overall project management support to the steering committee. Oversaw sub-contractors working on specific aspects of the initiative.

Pre-tenure Planning:
Working first as a sub-contractor to Miller Consulting, and later directly on contract to the Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management, facilitated multi-sector stakeholder workshops to provide input to pre-tenure plans or oil and gas development in the Muskwa-Kechika Management Area. Advised the working group on development of results-based language for plans, and on strategies for conflicting interests.

Continuing Professional Competency Project:
Worked with the Association of BC Professional Foresters (now ABCFP) committee to develop a professional competency program for adoption and implementation by the profession. Work involved reviewing and assessing other similar programs, facilitating committee workshops, and writing the final report for Council. Triangle Resources Inc. continued to provide services on a not-for-fee basis to assist with member communications.

Provincial Bark Beetle Strategy:
Triangle Resources Inc. was retained by the Industry Emergency Bark Beetle Task Force to develop standardized performance measures and reporting protocols for bark beetle management. This project involved interviews, workshops and meetings with industry and government staff, development of options and recommendations. An implementation plan was developed in consultation with the 'Beetle Boss' and regional managers. Triangle Resources Inc. then facilitated and did the writing for a collaborative process between the Ministry of Forests and Industry (with input from the federal government) to develop a Bark Beetle Management Strategy for BC.

Association of Professional Biologists:
Facilitated a workshop for the Board of the APB to develop a draft strategic plan and action plan following approval of a new Act.

Forest Management Institute of BC:
Working with the Board and staff, identified potential supporters, assessed feasibility of continued operation, developed marketing materials, provided advice on options.

Oil and Gas Commission:
Worked with the newly established Relationships and Client Services Division to develop and implement a plan for organizational effectiveness. The work involved facilitating staff workshops, writing draft plans, coaching and training managers and staff.

Northern Health Authority:
Triangle Resources Inc. carried out an organizational effectiveness benchmark study, then planned and facilitated team building and business planning workshops for the Information and Technology Department of the NHA. The objective was to make the department a model of performance in the health care sector.

Consulting, Coaching and Facilitating