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"Charlotte was my external reviewer for my thesis that was completed in order to obtain my Master's of Arts in Leadership from Royal Roads University. Throughout the review process, Charlotte was easy to reach, even contributing feedback during the holiday season which preceded my deadline. Charlotte's recommendations to my work was paramount in creating an in-depth and well-rounded research document. Her advice was to-the-point, constructive, and offered some illuminating perspectives that spurred me to dig deeper into certain areas of the project.
I would happily recommend Charlotte to any others in pursuit of written projects, be it internal documents or published academic material. Her work is professional, punctual, and enriching."

Ian Culbertson, RRU MAL

“I had the pleasure of utilizing Charlotte’s services as an external reviewer for the completion of my thesis to obtain a Masters of Arts in Leadership designation from Royal Roads University. The feedback Charlotte provided was thought provoking. I found her feedback to be rooted in academic excellence and she offered insight to practical applications and barriers of organizational life. She provided a balanced approach to teaching, as she critiqued my academic writing and made suggestions for inclusion of additional theory. This exchange of ideas allowed me to take my thesis to the next level. Expect to receive clear, consistent, and detailed communication from Charlotte. Her availability, support, and communication style were excellent. I whole heartedly recommend Charlotte’s editing services to anyone wanting to publish internal and external works. Access to Charlotte’s expertise is well worth the investment.”
Jena Winterburn, B.A., M.A., Alumni of RRU’s MAL Program

"As the external reader for my MA Leadership thesis, Charlotte provided insightful input, subject matter expertise, and a very helpful perspective. Her efficiency and fast turnaround times were much appreciated."
Andrea Leven-Marcon, RRU MAL

"I had the absolute pleasure in working with Charlotte several years ago as my thesis sponsor as I completed my Masters in Leadership program at Royal Roads University. It did not take more than one or two conversations to realize I was dealing with not only a highly skilled, highly intelligent and highly knowledgeable professional, but a really warm, gracious, and giving person who wanted nothing more than for me to enjoy the learning journey and to achieve my greatest success. Charlotte is one of those unique individuals who calls upon a well- rounded range of attributes, skills and experience – an exceptional coaching style, solid personal values and beliefs, an intuitive and thoughtful nature, a solid understanding and knowledge of the art and science of research and writing, and strong organizational, communication, and process skills. She is passionate and energized in what she loves doing and what she does well. I am the better for having known her and count her a valued friend as the journey continues."
Karen Davis, President and CEO, Alexandra Marine and General Hospital, Ontario, Canada

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