Knowledge Transfer or KT

KT: Your Research Legacy

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What is KT?

Knowledge transfer, often refered to as KT is essentially your research legacy. It is how you will leave your handprint on the academic and research world by disseminating your findings, conclusions, and recommendations.

Why do KT?
  • Add to the knowledge pool (scholar)
  • So others can use and benefit from your research. Impact beyond the academic community (practitioner)
  • Funders/sponsors including as a proposal requirement (accountability)
  • Move research into practice more quickly (uptake and spread) Raise awareness & promote action!
  • Make a difference!
Share your research with the world.
Document KT activities for your CV. What have you published or presented?
Maximize your exposure as a researcher.
Your research findings can be seen as tools for solutions to issues.

5 Steps to KT
  1. Determine your KT Goals. WHAT outcome do you want?
  2. Identify WHO your target audience(s) is.
  3. Determine HOW to best engage your target audience(s).
  4. Determine WHEN to best engage your target audience(s).
  5. Craft your message for each audience.
Reference and Resource List
For a comprehensive list of resources related to knowledge transfer, email me with your request

Research is complete only when scholars share their results or findings with the scientific community.
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