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The Editing Process

We will work together so that your thesis or dissertation is a quality document.

Once our contract is in place you can send me your double-spaced draft electronically in MicroSoft Word and we will use track changes to note where changes or corrections need to be made. I use the comment function of track changes to make suggestions or flag things for changes. Where applicable I will direct you to the appropriate page or section of the APA Manual, 6th or 7th Edition so that you can learn why the suggestions or recommendations are given.

It is important that you make the actual changes in the document, not me, so that you are protected from any charges of plagiarism. You are assessed on your ability to produce a quality academic document, in your own writing, so the actual changes are your responsibility alone.

I will usually include some summary remarks at the end of each chapter and will remark on the strengths you have shown as an academic writer, as well as suggestions (if any) where you could further reinforce or bolster your work. I will be reading to hear your student voice in the paper and will encourage you to include your own voice.

I will note any questions that come up for me as a reader so that you can proactively address them before your document is completed. One of the hallmarks of strong and credible academic writing is that the author anticipate the readers' questions and provide that information in the right place in the document.

When I have completed editing your work, I will return it to you electronically and it will be up to you to make the corrections and recommended changes.

If you would like a sample edit you can send me up to 20 pages of your double-spaced document and I will edit those pages and return them to you so that you can get a sense of my editing style. The fee for this service is listed in the pricing section of this site.

How Do You Know if You're Ready to Engage an Editor?

You have:
  • a completed draft in hand, with the content approved by your academic advisor or faculty
  • run a spell check on your document to catch any typos
  • used TurnItIn or another plagiarism checker
  • discussed with your academic advisor your readiness to engage an editor

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master Ernest Hemingway